Day Service 


New Roots Day Service offers a wide range of facilities helping to promote personal independence whilst striving to improve social inclusion for those who may face difficulties.


Our service operates 5 days a week 9am - 3pm (50weeks a year) 

The service is targeted at individuals aged 16yrs+ who are unable to be employed due to medical or registered disability.


we have many activities on offer from gardening, animal care, catering, social activities (bowling, swimming, cinema, pool, IT, gaming)

Our flexible services are all about giving opportunities build friendship's, access public services and facilties. that may have been challenging without support.

Our site is based within a natural woodland setting on the outskirts of Shirebrook. the site is homed to many wildlife and animals. including farm and zoo animals 

we welcome you to come and join us and explore our facilties 

Service Costs


from £45 per session