We believe all individuals can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

New Roots Care & Education founded in 2015 to develop a unique education and care provision for children and young adults.

Here at New Roots Care & Education we endeavour to deliver a thriving and simulative environment for children and young adults to engage in education and social activities .
The provision is set within 3 acres of woodland on the edge of the countryside which of which is home to many wildlife and farming animals

We believe life and learning is truly embraced through alternative approaches based around real life experiences.

The provision has a range of facilities from a relaxation room which allows them to build confidence and friendships in a social environment. not forgetting its surroundings which it is within.

We believe that no person should be failed or lack the opportunities as a direct result of their past experiences and complex histories, and we are committed to helping them overcome adversity and provide a positive influence upon their current and future lives.


Our Mission

  • Develop a individual tailored education and care provision to enable all to achieve and exceed their abilities 

  • Promote respect and equality for all and provide a safe and enjoyable environment 

  • Develop physical health via adventure 

  • Promote peer relationships and the skills to manage these successfully 

  • Prepare young people for future success without limits 

  • Embrace nature and outdoor learning to meet the learning needs of children 

  • Manage, re-direct, and overcome challenging behaviour in a way that promotes rather than masks individual change.


Our Team

Dawn Mason-Meakin

Primary Teacher  

Tim Chapman-Hart 

Teacher of Animal Care

Adam Hind

Director of Education  

David Taylor

Director of Adult Services   

Elka Wujkiw

Support staff 

Tracy Taylor 

Care Support Volunteer